Huitong Safety & Protective Products

Fujian Quanzhou Huitong Safety & Protective Products Co. Ltd, established in 2005, is a company that specializes in producing safety gloves, sporting glove and sporting supporters for more than 10 years in China.


All the items are enjoying fast sales in Europe, U.S. and other areas in the world.


At present, there are 5000 square meters plant, 300 highly skilled workers, 250 sewing machines and 100 knitting machines to ensure the output.


Our yearly capacity is 11 million pairs for safety and sporting gloves, and 2.5 million units for protective supporters.


We offer on-time delivery and provide highly quality products at competitive prices. Our aim is to establish long-term business relationship with our customers from all over the world.


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Integrity-based, Health first, Quality first

It is Huitong's dream and pursuit to become the preferred glove manufacturer in China's industry. Our team encourages each other, learns and grows together under this common vision and goal. "Integrity-based, health first, quality first" is our constant belief.

There is no difficulty in the world, as long as there are people who are interested, as long as we insist on making each of our products with the mentality of a craftsman, our products will attract more favors with their unique charm.

We know that great employees are the core energy of our team moving forward. In the process of continuous development, we attach great importance to the construction of the workforce and the cultivation of excellent employees. The benefits of employees are also constantly improving. Let everyone live and work in peace and contentment, and let everyone be willing to follow the Jingwei family to grow together. We can develop steadily. Base.

Customers are God and our parents. Only with the trust and support of customers, Huitong can continue to improve and develop, and make gloves better.